Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pretty Cute

Peyton reciting the Lord's Prayer...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Worship Him!

I can't help but cry out in praise to my God! 
These are two songs that have been on my heart this week (I need to figure out how to insert the YouTube video into the post, but for now you can click on the link). 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving with David's family and had such a lovely time. 
Amazing food, sweet family, fun crafts!
 Our little munchkins
 Beautiful Thanksgiving table
 Auntie Elisa and the little nut

We hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Her Story"

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 
I'm taking advantage of a quiet house and sleeping babies to document a few things about Julia's birth while the details are still fresh in my mind, and before the holidays are completely upon us. 
First, we are having too much fun.  Daddy is home with us today and we woke up to a dusting of snow, a crackling fire, and three precious babes.  This holiday week could not feel any more surreal.    
  Olivia and I put up some Christmas decorations on Saturday evening.  I couldn't wait any longer to put out my reindeer that I got after Christmas last year.  I also made a feather wreath with feathers from my sister's stash (thanks, Leah!).  
It was pretty fun coming home to "Christmas".
My water broke around 10:30 p.m. as we were getting ready for bed.  We started preparing for the hospital and got checked in by 1 a.m.  Our sweet baby girl was born 4 hours later. 
I wouldn't put the words "easy" and "labor" next to each other, but it was certainly the fastest labor yet and I feel so blessed by the smooth delivery.  She was the first baby born that day.  Her arrival was accompanied by a wintry weather mix. 
Her sister adores her (and brother too).
We got home yesterday around lunch and the kids had made a huge welcome home sign.
 She makes the sweetest noises, has an adorable dimple and has already stolen our hearts.
I want to share more, but the little man just woke up, so I have to run! ~All our love

Monday, November 22, 2010


Julia Bright
November 21st, 2010 at 3:56 a.m.
8 pounds, 4 ounces and 19.5 inches 

We will share more pictures soon!  Thank you, Praise You, Awesome God for the gift of our beautiful baby girl!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friends and The Children's Museum

Here are a few pictures from this week (I have to keep posting so you know I'm not in labor, right?:)).  
I love this one of Olivia and Peyton reading together.  They are becoming the best of buds and it is so sweet to witness.  They frequently tell each other that they love each other and even "slow dance" (hug while swaying) on occasion.  I must get that on video!
We went to the Children's Museum with the cousins:
Peyton as "Johnny Cash"
Auntie Erin and Marcus
These two are pretty cute together too.
Happy Weekend and almost Thanksgiving (can you believe it?)!  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laugh with Me

One of my brothers (his identity he asked I keep anonymous, so I will for the first few lines of this post... ha, ha), took me on a charged labor march yesterday.  He pushed me and had me laughing the whole way.
He is now considering a career change to a personal trainer for inducing labor.  He even came up with a name for his new business while on our march,
"Patrick Unger's School for Having It"  PUSH IT

What did his regime include?
Hypothermia treatment (walking in high winds and heavy precipitation)
Climbing in and out of ditches
The gentle bounce walk
The gentle skip
Straddle/waddle walk
Side step, cross over
High knees
and more!

His measure for success on the walk was, "Are you uncomfortable?".  He had a constant stream of gut-busting oneliners when he wasn't telling me to, "push it".   You can imagine how funny we (I) looked doing the aforementioned drills in the pouring down rain at 9 months pregnant. :):)  Hopefully we'll see how successful we were in a few days or so and let me know if you require his services in the future!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: Week 12

Encouraged!  I know how important it is to be encouraged through reading, so I don't know why I sometimes let as much time lapse as I do between reading.  I re-read a booklet I received as a new Mama from Mrs. Judy T. called, Under Loving Command by Pat Fabrizio.  It is excellent!  I'd like to share a few quotes from it and I pray you are uplifted as I was (the quotes are long, but well worth the read).

We are all familiar with the verse, "Train up a child in the way he should go:  And when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6), right?  This is what Pat has to say about it,
"All of us are training our children in some way... either consciously or unconsciously.  When we have asked our child to do something, we are training him to wait until we have told him twice before he obeys... or we are training him to wait until we have raised our voice before he obeys... or we are training him to wait until we have threatened him before he obeys.  We can train him to obey immediately when we have said it once in a normal conversational tone." 

I think everyone can relate to this bit of wisdom he shares:
"To be consistent is so important.  What can be more frustrating to a child than to never know quite what to expect from us.  It is our inconsistence as parents that provokes and discourages our children.  One day we feel stern and say 'no' to something and the next day we feel indifferent and preoccupied and in order to save ourselves the inconvenience will allow them to go ahead or overlook 'little' disobediences.  When we operate with the rod in this way, it becomes something else other than training.  I believe this kind of bullying strengthens their resistance to authority.  They are provoked to anger, become discouraged and rebel. 'Fathers, provoke not your children, lest they be discouraged.' (Colossians 3:21).  We as parents must be obedient to follow through each time we speak."

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed that you can't possibly be consistent every time?  Me too!  He offers more encouragement....
"But it takes diligence.  This is why we cannot possibly do it in our own strength or on the strength of any motive other than obedience to God.  The motive to have nice well-behaved children will not carry us.  For example, one day I may have lots of initiative with no other distractions.  I have just asked my child to 'come here.'  It is easy now to stop what I am doing in order to do what is necessary to train him should he disobey.  But the next day, I may be settled comfortably in a chair nursing my baby and I have just asked my child, 'come here, please.'  If he disobeys, the motive to have nice well-behaved children is not enough now.  It is so much easier to say it again a little sharply.  But then, I have trained the child to know that I did not really mean it the first time.  No, it takes His grace to say, 'Lord, You have told me to train my children.  If I sit here in this chair I will be disobeying you.  Please help me to obey You by training my child to obey.'  He then gives grace to get up out of the chair, put the baby down, take up the switch , use it patiently, take him on my lap, and comfort him. 'But he that loves him is diligent to discipline him."'   

He provides wonderful stories from raising their children, scriptures, etc.  I highly recommend picking up a copy if you do not already have it!  I provided a link above for purchasing it and it only costs $1.50!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nothing Sweeter

I don't know where he learned this, but when I hold my baby boy he likes to take my face in his hands, pull me in close and say,
 "I protect my Mama". 
Oh, sweet, sweet boy!! 
I love you, Peyton Gordon!
Pictured reading his Bible (one of his favorite things to do)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday Night Fun

My mom, sister and I made flower pins last night for a little Friday night fun!  Patty H. gave me the vintage fabric scraps that we used to make them.  Thank you, Patty!
Aren't they cute?
We think it would be super cute to make a really big one for a pillow.

Speaking of Friday night fun, my sister posted the rolls she made on a Friday night a while back and I wanted to share the family recipe.  It is the same recipe I used to make our cinnamon rolls.  It is a very yummy, versatile recipe.  I made them for home group this week and they are always a hit.  The rolls freeze really well too if you want to make up a bunch like my sis!

Washington County Fair Rolls

Mix Together
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup veg. oil
1/2 cup dry milk
1 package yeast dissolved in 1 cup of very warm water

4 cups flour
1 tsp. salt

Leave in bowl and let stand overnight (cover with a dish towel). 
Morning: Gather dough into large ball and divide in half.  Roll out one half at a time on a floured board and cut in wedge-shaped pieces.  Roll up from wide edge into roll. 
Place on a well greased cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 7 minutes.

The dough can be used for everything from pigs in a blanket to braided sweet breads, etc.

Friday, November 12, 2010


This is a post for me to remember my neurotic behavior waiting for our little nut to arrive.  I will get a kick out of this some day.  I have this annoying habit of thinking that my babies should not only not be late or even on time, but EARLY!  Peyton obliged me and Olivia came on her due date, and God only knows with Julia!  I wonder if she wants to be a Turkey baby?   
I thought she might be coming on Monday, but God's timing is way better than mine.  David was under the weather that evening and my sister has been fighting a cold all week.  
I've also been able to work on business stuff and so many other little things.

While we've been waiting this week, I have had the need to keep my fridge cleaned out.  Yup.  Nothing can go to waste while we're in the hospital for a couple days.  My mom gently reminded me that the food would not go bad in so short a time, but that line of thinking is way too reasonable, Mom.  :)   
I  have been emptying the garbage and compost daily.  Making sure every article of clothing is laundered, ironed and put away.  Somehow all the little things make me feel prepared.  I have felt patient and peaceful until yesterday; I was feeling a bit grumpy going up the very large hill on our 4 mile walk (we are calling it the labor march).  I never said I was patient when it comes to surprises!:)   
Let's see... other odd behavior?  I've already removed all my fall decor (goodbye pumpkin plates) to have a clean slate for Christmas.  It is a good thing we aren't hosting Thanksgiving this year.:)
The weather has turned chilly and we are getting inspired for Christmas with Christmas music, flannel sheets, cinnamon pine cones, and flavored coffee creamer.  Now I just need some Christmas decor, right?
As we're on the topic of cooler weather, I wanted to share these fire starters we heard about through Dan K.  You make them with dryer lint, egg cartons and old candles.  I guess my Uncle Robb has made them for years and they work great!  I can see making them as a family for some winter entertainment.  What?  Don't you sit around the table in the winter and make fire starters or crack walnuts for fun?  He, he!  My sister had us laughing when we were making all the salsa together a little while back.  She said her in-laws go golfing or get a pedicure for fun, but not us, we make salsa for hours!  
What you will need for the fire starters is pictured below (link above provides the instructions for making them).  
Julia, your brother,
 and Daddy and Mama are patiently waiting for you (ahem).

Monday, November 8, 2010

Still Here

Good Morning!  Yes, we're still here, but hopefully not for long (one can hope, right?).  This is a quick post to say hello and to share some pictures from this weekend.  Popum and Nanny came down last week and we enjoyed some special time with the great-grandparents. 
I told Olivia a while back about Nanny's famous pancakes and she has been dying to try some.  Nanny can make just about anything- dinosaurs, Mickey Mouse, initials, tractors, etc. 
Butterfly pancake
 Popum and Peyton reading
I think I might see a little family resemblance here (big round head and brown eyes... he, he)

Peyton enjoying his tractor pancake.
My classy grandma at 8 a.m. in her leopard pajamas and pearls!
We love you, Popum and Nanny!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun Fall Weekend

Our weekend was packed with fun activities.  We are now enjoying a quieter week and putting the brakes on as we are on the home stretch. I want to go into this next big job feeling as rested as possible. :) My cousin, Angie gave me good advice right before Olivia was born. She told me to stop and look around the house before leaving for the hospital and to enjoy the last time it would just be the two of us.  Life would never be the same.

Our lives are about to change again, so we are taking the time to relish our family as it is today.  We've been snuggling even more than usual, rocking, singing, reading, having one-on-one time, and more. 

But, back to our weekend...
On Saturday we had Peyton's 2nd Birthday Party.
We had a Red Case Tractor Party in honor of the little man. 
 What's a tractor party without a tractor ride?
Daddy & Peyton

The birthday boy has been having an absolute ball  this week with all his new boy toys!
I am so happy to have fresh cider.  We made 10 gallons Sunday evening- yum!

David also made summer sausage over the weekend with venison.  It is so tasty!
little fingers reaching in for a piece
To conclude the fun weekend, my sister had a lunch on Monday with family to celebrate Julia's life (click on the link to see more of the beautiful decor).  I am so blessed to have the sister that I have!  Thank you, Leah and to all my precious family for an incredible afternoon!  Julia and I felt very loved!
 Only two nuts was cooperating for a picture
 Julia and I- November 2010:
While I'm feeling reflective and pregnant-self-portrait-ish, here I am with my other little nuts right before their due dates...
Peyton, Mama, Auntie Leah and Evelette- October 2008:
Olivia and I- June 2006
I hope to be holding my bump on the outside of me very soon!:)  I'll take any advice, reminders you might have for me.  Have a blessed week!