Thursday, June 10, 2010

Charming Historic House for Sale!

As promised, here are some pictures of our rental house for sale in Forest Grove. I didn't have an abundance of time to snap pictures, as we had to clean and get out before a showing, but you should be able to get the idea.

Isn't she charming?

Character galore.

Nice corner lot.

Situated next to beauties like this, and only a few blocks from Pacific University.

The children do not come with the purchase of the home- sorry! :)

Olivia loves to scrub toilets... I know, I know! I didn't let her until just recently, as I was afraid of splatter and such, but I think she is finally old enough to clean them safely. Let's hope her appreciation for clean toilets continues.

Please pray for a quick, hassle-free sale for us! If you'd like more information, here is the listing.


  1. Such a cute house! I can see a lot of potential here! Oh Olivia what a good helper! Love those kids!

  2. Lincoln loves to clean toilets too, funny isn't it.