Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bedroom Revamp- Finally!!

Did you think I had forgotten about posting pictures after our little bedroom revamp? Well, I hadn't. I just hit a major inspiration slump and couldn't figure out what I wanted to do! Originally, I had wanted to go all white, but the farther away I get from puking, the less drastic I feel, and going all white just wasn't working in our room. I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous quilt I saw in a Country Living magazine a few months back. I wanted to get the quilt in ivory, but my sister told me from the beginning to go with navy because she thought it would look killer with my lampshades. I was not feeling the navy. Well, one night I finally got inspired, and started seeing different shades of blues with the navy bedspread! You are so smart Leah! I was able to get the quilt thanks to birthday money!

My mom had some nightstands in the attic, so I painted them with leftover paint from my dining room dresser, and my Dad cut the tops off for me. I don't have a good picture of them before, but they are a much nicer height now. They also take up less space than our previous ones- score!
I had a sweet helper on this paint project. She was so pleased to get in on the painting and did really well!I normally only attempt painting during nap times, but the little man was safely occupied helping daddy make a gravel pathway.
I love my horse book stands and I love horses! They got a fresh coat of white paint for the revamp.My sister got the floral piece above our bed from the G.W. for my birthday. Thank you again, Leah!! I painted it back and hung it above our bed. I may extend the white curtains across the back of the bed at a later date (both of these ideas from Jush... thank you!). I've also toyed with the idea of making a DIY mosquito net, so we'll see. The room has been challenging to decorate with two windows, limited wall space, our large furniture,etc., but difficulty definitely creates the need for creativity! I am no interior decorator, but I love a pretty room! Suggestions welcome!
I made an "art" wall above our dresser with pictures that I borrowed from other places in the house (sorry Peyton) with the exception of The Love Print from Made by Girl. The white frames help my need for white right now! :)I made the two love birds from scraps of fabric in my stash and put them in a birdcage I already had. I'm not sure if they are out of place?My mom got me the beautiful throw pillows on the chair and bed from Target. Thank you Mom! The hand-crocheted pillowcases were a wedding present. Love!
I got the grey pillowcase from Ikea and then made a little applique for it to continue with our l-o-v-e theme! I decided against it for our bedroom and put it in our living room instead.
Bedroom Before:
Please don't be like my mom and say you liked it better before (actually I think she does finally like it better now)! Ha! I love you Mom!Bedroom Now:We are so thankful for the view from this room too.


  1. Beautiful! I really admire how you put together your framed art (bedroom, plates in dining room, and above your desk. I LOVE your love pillow! Your dangerous with the sewing machine. Maybe you have an etsy shop in your future :) Love your new bedding too!