Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I so vividly remember when you became a daddy, those first weeks when we brought our little girl home. You were not one to make a big fuss over the baby during pregnancy. In fact, I don't think the reality that we were having a baby really hit you until you saw her for the first time. But, oh, when you saw her.

You were in awe of her. It was precious to behold. I remember you rushing home from work every day and making such sweet remarks as, "I could not have painted a more perfect face." and" I don't think we should have any more, because I don't think we could do any better."

And then Peyton was born. I'd have to say you're completely awestruck over him, as with Olivia, but in a different way. It has been such a joy watching you with a son.

You are a natural father, a shepherd to your children. You truly delight in your babies and they delight in you.

Happy Father's Day, David! I love you! Olivia & Peyton love you!

My Dad...
You have given me so much. I love that you share my love language of quality time. I have so many fond memories of just being with you (riding in a farm truck, embarking on some spontaneous adventure, climbing the hills on horseback). You have been a faithful, present father even during the busiest of farming seasons. You took time to enjoy life with us.

You're not a man of many words, but when you do speak your words are heartfelt and piercing. I have held tight to a high school graduation card from you, in which you scribbled these words to me, "You have the heart of a lion, the stick-to-itiveness of a spider, and the humility and meekness of a lamb. You make your father proud." What an encouragement you have been to me!

You have showed me how to be an over comer. I always wanted to protect you from the stresses of life and the devastating rejection of your family (I would have taken all the hurt for you, if only I could have, Dad), but you didn't need me to. You have an unwavering walk with Christ and a passion for Him that inspires.

Thank you for loving Mom and us so faithfully and with such excellence. I am proud of you Dad. We are blessed, and you are loved!


  1. LOVE THIS POST! Yeah, it deserved capital letters.

  2. Rachel you are such a compelling writer! I love reading your posts. They are inspiring and heart driven.


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