Thursday, June 17, 2010


Oh, how I love them!
I have a very hard time not weeping as I pray for them during our devotional time in the mornings, and they like to smother me with love if I do. :)
No, they are not perfect or even close to perfect, but so wonderfully made.

He is telling me a little story here. He is so funny with the things he says lately. "I do like a drink of milk, Mommy". He likes to say, "no thank you" to just about everything. He has learned to sing in the last two months and picks the funniest times to sing loudly. The grocery store is one of his favorite spots.
We brought the "baby toys" out this week just for fun, and they both had a pretty good time.

I think we'll start ballet in the fall. :)

They are truly a gift.


  1. Oh what precious babes! I love hearing Peytons funny phrases!

  2. They are a precious gift! And you have another gift on the way.
    Thank you for the message the other day. I brightened my morning! Love you!