Monday, June 14, 2010

Outside Accomplishments

The little nuts sharing our favorite afternoon snack.

We have busied ourselves with outside projects when the weather has allowed. We have worked super hard and so have the kids!

Olivia helping me load and spread mulch in the garden:I love his dirty faces! He can get into so much trouble so very quick! :)
I made this herb garden with our abundance of river rock while David was gone hunting. I can see the herbs from the kitchen window, which I think will be quite inspiring for summer cooking.

David finished mending and installing the fencing around the yard. It looks so good David!

A new gravel path to our burn barrel, and where we dump our compost.
It should be quite helpful during the soggy, winter months.

Bark dust spread.

New grass planted- not much to see yet.
Perennial Garden coming along.
I planted a few more things and I'm already enjoying fresh flowers.

The garden planted.

We actually planted it several weeks ago, but due to the heavy rain we've experienced, we had to spray it out and start over (oops, did I say "spray"- we are not organic farmers, folks!). If you use chemicals responsibly and correctly, they can make your life so much easier, but I know that is not a popular point of view!:) We should have a much stronger stand of plants this time if the weather is more cooperative.

As we were planting the garden this past weekend, I realized we are going to reap so much more than fresh produce this summer. I raked in between the rows, and Olivia hauled off rocks in her little buckets, carried and dumped them. She has a chore chart that she does every day, but this task was by far the longest and most strenuous she has ever done. She really enjoyed the responsibility of the job and the contribution she was making. She grew weary at the end, but we finished the job and her parents were so proud. What awesome life lessons will be learned and character developed as we toil together. Her accomplishment was our greatest accomplishment!

I hope to tackle the back patio soon, but we have a lot more to do! :)


  1. It is coming along so pretty! I can't believe how much you guys have accomplished! Great job!

  2. Hey I just found your website through Leah and I am amazed that you live in a farm with a pretty family planting your own herbs and such... that is the lifestyle of my dreams - love it!