Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Official Start of Summer

We officially kicked off summer last week with the Strawberry Feed, KDC, warm temperatures, and our first berry parfaits of the season!

My parents invite the church out every Father's Day for a strawberry feed at the farm. They provide the strawberries and have been doing this for as long as I can remember. We enjoyed basketball, ping pong, a jump castle, bonfire, smores, etc.! Great job, Dad & Mom!

We brought strawberries home, so I put some in the freezer, made fruit leather/roll-ups (my first time) and berry parfaits!

The kids enjoying strawberry fruit roll-ups!
I am feeling the baby move as I am typing this!
David has been devouring parfaits whenever I make them ever since we were dating. We used to make them for the Saturday Market and he still teases me about our "Bumble Berry Parfaits". People loved them, OK!
Parfaits are super easy, and don't require a recipe, but I do think my Mom came up with a few tricks that make them extra yummy and last longer in the fridge!

1. Mix 2 parts vanilla yogurt to 1 part cool whip for a fluffy, yummy consistency.
2. Layer the parfaits with granola on bottom, then yogurt/cool whip and berries on top.
3. Use as many berries as you can (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches)
Enjoy over and over again!

KDC (Kids Discovering Christ):I wish I could have been closer to hear what they were talking about. The girls would frequently come up to take turns holding Abbey. Olivia would usually share some tidbit about her baby.Relays!Baby Brother


  1. Thanks for the parfait recipe! Yummy!
    I cracking up at the picture of Ella and her hair. I should have known better. Ella "read" your post with me (she loves your blog and seeing pictures of her friends) She said "Oh, my friends and Abbey". Abbey is well known to us too!

  2. Oh I need to make parfaits! I just got the ingredients yesterday!

    Come check out my first giveaway sis!!!!

  3. Ah...the Unger Strawberry Feed!! Precious memories! Yum!!!