Monday, July 18, 2011

Journal Entry

More than anything else, this blog is really a journal for our family.  I don't have anything exciting to report, I'm simply jotting down/sharing a few things that are precious to me {some of those things are pictures- surprise, surprise:) }. 
We had a quiet week last week with a few unexpected visitors.
The deer walking across the front lawn in the middle of the afternoon was definitely a fun surprise for the little nuts.

We also received an early morning visit from the crop duster.
The little nuts watching on stools from the dining room window.

 Can you guess what the little man began playing with almost immediately after they left?  We were marveling at how his birthday helicopter is even the same color scheme as the real one.

 He has become very nurturing with his bear as of late, wrapping him up and asking if I want to hold him.  He's also been asking me to play and saying so tenderly, "Come along, Mama." or pretends to read and likes to throw in "replied" or "suddenly" as he's reading out loud. 
He also learned to pedal on his tricycle {it really is just a matter of convincing them that it is worthwhile skill} and Jules learned to wave.  She is doing the bear crawl and is so close to taking off.
 Olivia enjoying her new birthday presents!

Look how big Julia is getting!  It is hard to believe we'll be celebrating Paytay's 3rd birthday and Jules' 1st in a few short months!

 Julia resting on my little nephew!:)

In the food category, I'd like to stick with English Muffins for another week.  We don't eat English muffins every day, but they certainly do have their place, do they not??:) 
Get out your big griddle, cook your homemade breakfast sausage and eggs, top with cheese, and the muffins your five-year-old generously buttered, yum!  Oh, and throw on a slice of tomato from your garden when those are ready, too.
Lastly, and very random, we don't have a bathtub, so we improvise... :)

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  1. What happened to your bath tub?
    Don't let those deer eat your garden!