Thursday, July 14, 2011

Proud of her!

***Before I forget, I need to tell you that Winco does NOT carry wax paper bags {I'm so sorry if I sent you on a wild goose chase}, and neither does BI-Mart, Fred Meyer nor Target, BUT New Seasons and Whole Foods have them! 

The Birthday Girl!
We celebrated her birthday on Sunday and I was so proud of her!  She was very appreciative of all of her birthday treats and festivities, and even thanked God the following day during devotions for everyone earning money to be able to buy her presents!  She was definitely particular in what she wanted, too.  She requested a purple and pink cake {one side purple, one side pink}, and she wanted to eat a piece that had both colors.  I tried to talk her in to a cake that went with the baseball theme, but nope.:)
I picked up this "spray paint" for food at Joannes and it made my job very easy.  I made a cream cheese frosting over her chocolate cake, then covered it with her beloved pink and purple.
She received nonstop calls on her birthday from her doting uncles, aunties, grandparents, and friends.  Thank you for loving on her!!
Strawberry waffles for her b-day breakfast
Her birthday crept up on me this year, but I quickly pulled it together with some help from Martha {that lady is nonstop inspiration}! 
Pictures of the birthday supplies...
Flowers from our yard for the table
Party favors
I got the wrong size treat bags {they were huge}, but I was not going to make another trip into town, so I ended up cutting them down to size and sewed them on my machine.  Crazy, it worked! 

She is an absolute doll heaven.
The party
We ate baseball"ish" food {Chicago-style hot dogs, homemade cracker jack, ETC.}.  I will make the hot dogs again, they were yummy!

picture via
I pictured we'd have an actual baseball/t-ball game with parents and kids, but it ended up being more bating practice and a kickball game.  It was hot, so I think that was just perfect for the little nuts. 

We even got out some vintage t-ball shirts for the little nuts to wear. :)
Pinatas are becoming a tradition for her birthday, much like we used to do for my sister's July birthday growing up.

I'm so glad Auntie Elisa got a picture of baby girl

Olivia, could you be any more lovely with your three dimples {or is it four?} and your golden curls! 
I love you! 
Love, Mama

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  1. I thought your bags were so cool! I even showed them to my MIL! I Loved them! Yeah I finally tracked down the wax bags at whole foods. O's party was o fun. She is adorable.