Friday, July 1, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

The ladybug crawling up my "mother" picture above my desk was a visual reminder to me some months back, that just as God takes care of the birds of the air, and the bugs on the ground, He is watching over and taking care of me and mine all the more! 
It has been a struggle with my precious baby boy for a bit.  I've tried to pinpoint, and remember back to when it all started, but I can't be sure, as it must have happened slowly over time, but sometime this last winter.  I have been doing my best to train, love, teach, discipline, and guide him, but with little to no results.  In fact, we seemed to be running backwards.  My happy little boy seemed to be getting more rebellious, distant and unhappy, no matter what I tried.  I have cried out for wisdom, diligence and insight, but it wasn't until last weekend, when everything seemed to be erupting, that God used a wonderful lady to give me direction and insight.  After talking to her, one week later, he is a different boy.  Part of me didn't want to post this, because this is not a one time fix, but, "go away pride and fear!".  You know I am passionate about my little nuts and motherhood, so it has been devastating to feel like you just aren't getting through.  I've had to push away thoughts of, "why in the world I decided to talk about parenting on the blog," my decisive words blaring across my mind.  I never set out to say I was a perfect mother or have perfect children, but somehow talking about parenting made me feel pressured to get it right. :) Anyhow, back to baby boy...
We went back to the very basics and God has given me grace each day to repeat, repeat, repeat, and be consistent, consistent, consistent and it has produced results, joy indescribable, in him and me!  I dont' know if it is being two or a boy or a second born or a leader {actually, I think it is just normal kid stuff}, but he cannot be left to himself.  Yes, he has time where he plays by himself and such, but when it comes to asking him to do something, asking him not to do something, ETC., he needs me right there helping and making sure he does it.  There are soooo many distractions {more when you leave home, but plenty at home, too}, so it takes every ounce of my concentration to focus on what I need to be focusing on, BUT... it is paying off incredibly!  He has always been a lover, but he has been over-the-top loving and precious and JOYful this week!  I've kinda been waiting for him to say, "thank you, Mama, for not letting me get away with anything, making me obey, and setting my feet back on the path!".  His prayers have taken off, he goes to bed happy and wakes up happy, and on I could go.  What a breakthrough and complete change in him.  Thank you, Jesus!!  I am reminded that God, in his infinite love for us, will give us the insight, as parents, that we so desperately need every day!  Oh, how I love you, Peyton Gordon!

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  1. What a great post! I am rejoicing with you. Your perservence is worth the prize. Please remind me of this in about fifteen months :)