Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom: Snow Cover

My Mom wrote this and it is powerful!  I am totally convicted and encouraged by her!  I love you, Mom!

There is the steepest "killer" hill that goes up one mile above our house, it's quite a hike. When you get to the top, as many of you well know from experience, the view is wonderful. The winery owners even named themselves from the view up there, "Five Mountains". Often because of cloud cover Mt. Hood is the only mountain you can see when you get to the top, but that's enough! :) The last few days I've been struck by how quickly the snow cover begins melting away from the mountain's peaks. Even though we've had late measurable precipitation,it doesn't take long for the black peaks to start poking through.For us summer is filled with a wild and crazy work schedule. For others it's filled with wild and crazy play schedules. For still others it's filled with no schedule at all. This time of year I'm often one or two days behind on my Bible reading and perpetually trying to keep up. I was so impressed the last few days with how similar that is to Mt. Hood's situation. I need to keep my life's "snow cover"intact during these summer months. To accomplish that, I must stay on tract with my Bible reading, keep the Sabbath Holy (let the recreation and work come after that), stay relational with my home group, church body,and fellow believers, and spend time communicating and listening to my Heavenly Father (prayer). The view of Mt. Hood is really convicting tome. We've seen by the series on David at church what happened to him with Bathsheba, when he let his "snow cover" melt off. The songs we sing at church "Let it rain", Let it rain"... have powerful meaning to me, when think of what that rain means at Mt. Hood, "snow cover"! :)So Father God, I pray for my self, my family, my church, and other believers,as we get to enjoy all you have for us this summer, we'll take special care to keep our lives (mountain) snow covered with your presence! In Jesus name Amen! Happy snowboarding! Have a Jesus day!

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