Saturday, July 9, 2011

O, O, O, O l i v i a !

The year is 2011, the day is July 9th, and this very special day, we are celebrating 5 sweet, sweet years of O, O, O O l iv i a !  It doesn't seem possible!!
Daddy and I are so very proud of our girl, our first baby.  You are extraordinary in every way. We admire, and appreciate your love, sensitivity, love for learning, grace, compassion, determination, and sweetness! Your prayers are mighty!  I marvel at how nothing gets past you, you are so observant, right down to a vehicles tires and wheels.:)  You love your baby dolls and books, as well as your baby bro and sis.  Yummy food is a delight to you.  Thank you for being my right-hand girl; where would we be without you?   Guard your tender heart, Olivia Marie.  Keep your love for the Word. 
My heart swells and bursts with love for you! Truly, truly, truly you are a gift from God and to our family.
Happy 5th Birthday!
We love you!
Daddy, Mama, Peyton & Julia

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  1. There's something wrong with your pics! I can't see!
    Happy Birthday sweet Olivia!