Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tie 'em up

I'm tying up loose ends with this post, gathering 4 or 5 "draft" posts that I started with maybe a sentence and a picture to remind myself to go back and type, but never got to them.  It will make me feel good to get rid of them and clean up my posts, I hope you don't mind!:)  This will be fast and furious! 
#1 I had this post titled, "Storytelling". 
I realized this last spring, as I was telling stories to Olivia, that I am learning the art of storytelling.  I didn't think I had many to tell, you know, we depend on our parents and grandparents for stories, but life is happening and stories are ensuing!:)  I told her about the treasures my dad brought us from Russia {the doll in the picture being one of them}. 
I've told her the exciting and scary tale of our engagement: her Daddy's romantic proposal and how I wrapped my car around a telephone pole the next morning- a story of God's absolute providence in my life.  I walked away unharmed, but my car was totaled, my Bible torn from it's binding and glass littered its pages.  
Of course, I have fallen back on the oldies, but goodies, like how my parents met or got "reacquainted"; my mom was leaning over a jewelery counter and my Dad came in to buy something for someone else, and noticed my mom's very cute hiney:):).  He called my mom that night.  Ha, Ha!  I never had to wonder growing up if my parents were attracted to each other!:)

Draft #2 "Adoption"
Adoption is very near and dear to my heart.  Four of my brothers were adopted, as well as four of my aunts.  I cannot imagine life without my precious family!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Jesus, and Grandma Holt!! 
I asked my Mom and Nanny to write a few things down a looong time ago, but never finished! 
To my adopted child .....A Birth of the Heart "
You were not conceived under my heart, but in it.
I really feel like God changes our blood to be the same as our children's.
I've always felt like people who quit because of the cost kind of get thinned out by that. You just beg, or borrow to make it happen. I liked the testimony of the Canadian pastor who told of the couple who refinanced their house (probably not Dave Ramsey approved), and liquidated everything they could to bring their daughter home.
I also want people to be sensitive to not say "do you have other children of your OWN...." for heaven sake, we've got more paperwork to say they are our own. Their birth certificates have our names on them. We love and ADORE all our children equally. Poor silly people they just don't get it!
Another one..."are they REAL siblings"....goodness no they are plastic.
Every one of our children are a precious gift from God whether they were birthed from my body, or birthed in our hearts! I'm thankful to raise ALL of our children in the admonition of the Lord. And I believe all our children should show the same honor and respect to us, because of our position, not what we have done, good or bad!

#3 was titled "Winter Home", but I'm just deleting that one as it obviously doesn't apply.

#4 Giveaway Time
Oops, I had meant to do a giveaway and never did!
"I'm sure giveaways are more commonplace on the big-time blogs, but I wanted to give you a lil' something for Christmas and for putting up with me this last year! Thanks for stickin' with me!"
I'm so sorry for not getting that Christmas present to you!  I still hope to do a giveaway sometime!:)

OK, drafts are deleted, and this post is posted, feelin' good!:)

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