Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adventures at the Pond

We took a little break from our obligations and sickness last week to do some exploring at the pond.  It is the most beautiful, peaceful place. 
I spent my childhood cooling off here after long days in the berry fields.  Growing up we thought we were in heaven building forts in the nearby trees and on the banks of the adjoining creek. 
Does anyone remember Salamander Kingdom?  I was showing the little nuts the entrance of the creek and remembered the spot.  My brother, Daniel knew what I was talking about right away. 
On this particular trip we were on a mission to get cattails.
They loved them.

Cousin Marcus is such a precious boy.
Checking out the spillway
I have a few more pictures to share tomorrow and then I promise I'm done for the week.:) 
October has been so beautiful, I can't help it!


  1. Hey you must have figured out that software huh? Love the bigger pics!

    These all turned out so cute!


  2. Your photography looks professional! Super cute!