Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday to a Very Special Boy! 
I can never forget meeting him and how he looked at me for the first time.  Look at his expression just minutes after birth.  He knew I was his Mama!
We have been buds ever since.
He keeps me on my toes.  He is exceptionally loving and caring, and a bit mischievous too.
He has been described as endearing and it is true.  He gets right in my face to tell me something and is more thoughtful than a two year old should know how to be!

He loves tractors, trucks and getting dirty.  He thanks me for "the yummy food that you made" every day.  Soup, tacos, oatmeal, and apples are among his favorite foods.  He has the funniest strut when he walks and runs.  He may have books memorized and a vocabulary that astonishes, but still selectively pronounces "s".
I love you, Peyton Gordon!  I am proud of you!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Peyton! We love you!

  2. And what a precious heritage you have given him with his middle name too. Happy birthday Peyton!