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Saturday, October 30, 2010

This may be my favorite kind of post: simple descriptions of our week and pictures. 
I enjoy remembering the fun we had just doing every day things and especially if unpleasant circumstances came up (stressful business stuff and little boy sleeping issues). 

A happy little shopper ready to fill her cart:
Olivia and I went grocery shopping Sunday and she had so much fun with her grocery cart.  I could not believe all the people who stopped us.  She warmed hearts and elicited so many smiles.  The cashier let her put her groceries down her own side and she bagged her groceries.  I should have snapped another picture on my phone, but we were in a hurry to get home for our company.  She loved it!

The little nuts helped me make carmel corn for Peyton's birthday party.  Nanny, I know you don't approve of "pooper holes" on the counter, but rest assured this was an exception, not the norm :)!     
Little Indians at the Harvest Party:
They were most excited about riding the boat.
They both had to get a mess of shots the day before, so were a little droopy at the party, but still had fun.
Olivia and Abbey climbing the hay:
We all got muddy, but Peyton got the dirtiest!
Way to go to everyone who helped with the Harvest Party!  It was incredible!
And thanks, Mom for the Indian ribbon.  I quickly stitched it on the night before and it made their costumes!

A few fun things for us to remember from the week:

- Peyton now has Psalms 23 memorized (a goal we recently set), but you have to sneak to catch him saying it.

- His new favorite song is "Cotton Fields"  We love us some Johnny Cash! :)

- His favorite book right now is David and Goliath.  It cracks me up how he wants to get in the picture with the characters.  He wants to hold David's lamb and go swimming with Jonah.

- Olivia told me she will pray for me when I'm in the hospital that I won't have to get my tummy cut open.  Amen, sista!

- Speaking of which, I've had a few days of just being done being prego.  I'd like to have her on the outside of my body!  So, anytime she wants to come?:)  No, I can wait a little longer and I've been soaking up this time that I have with the little nuts before she arrives, but I am eager to hold her too.

- Oh, David and I saw a shooting star.  God is so good!

God Bless!

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