Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: Week 10

Thank you for your feedback on last week's post!  Check out Julie's perspective in the comments if you haven't already read it (I really respect her as a mother and was so happy to hear her thoughts).  Thanks again, ladies!

We had our first small group meeting with Joe and Judy T.; they shared the neatest quote when they observed Olivia helping with dinner.  It is from the book, Home Grown Kids by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore.
"The highest form of play is for children to work together with their parents."
Judy said it was important to note that it is work together with parents, not for parents.  She also shared another quote from the book with me...
"The child should be made to feel that his work is needed and appreciated.
The right attitude is essential here. It would, of course, really be easier at first for you to do everything yourself. Yet you should let your little one start when he is willing though not very able if you want him to still be willing when he is more able."
We'll definitely have to check the book out!  I can see how much it means to Olivia and Peyton to be able to work with David and I.  They got such a kick out of helping Daddy with firewood the other night.  It definitely takes more time and patience, but they are so happy and proud to help. 
I got to practice what I'm sharing yesterday morning when Olivia wanted to help put our dried herbs in the jars.  It was going to be a messy job and one I would have preferred to do myself (as it was too cold to do outside), but I lifted up a quick prayer for patience and had her help.  As we were doing the job together she told me how happy it makes her when I help her. :)  Yes, it is totally worth it and only took a few more minutes and a turn of the vacuum when we were done.

3 other miscellaneous things I've been thinking about this past week in regards to parenting:

1. Dr. Dobson says in his book, Bringing Up Boys that sons should start following their dads around at 18 months of age.  It is important for sons to begin bonding and mirroring their daddies at a young age (I was surprised how young- 18 months!).

2. I don't remember the exact quote (I'll try to find it), but I remember hearing that it is best to spend quality time with your children early in the day or they will clamor for your attention until you do.  I know I am tempted to 'get things done first', but the day really does go smoother if you can spend quality time with them first.

3. Peyton recently learned how to get out of bed, so it has been a battle at nap and bedtime, often resulting in delayed sleep and a very tired,/cranky boy.  Then, I remembered a trick that a wise mother once shared with me (I used it with Olivia too).  Grab a chair and sit in their bedroom or snuggle with them (my method of choice these days) and have them close their eyes.  A sleepy child will be asleep in 5 minutes!  It really, really works!

What parenting things are you dealing with these days (good, bad)?

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  1. We have that book if you'd like to borrow it. The Moores are a wonderful resource. I totally agree about doing things "together". I know that seeing parents sitting and relaxing while kids did large amounts of work has hurt more than one person I know from a certain family. The intention of the parents may have been to teach the kids to have a good work ethic, to serve, etc. but it was read as laziness and sowed seeds of bitterness and hurt. Working shoulder to shoulder also provides lots of opportunity for discussion that you may never have had otherwise!