Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

My brother, Daniel and his beautiful bride, Liza's wedding went off without a hitch, but not without a little chaos and adventure mixed in.  :)

A few things to remember... tomatoes spilled all over the BK parking lot, multiple potty accidents (no, not me), Friday Seattle traffic, husbands/fathers MIA due to hectic work schedules and injury, pregnant Mama slipping and getting a bum leg (yes, me), moving grandparents post-wedding with the help of our very large, incredible extended family, and so much more! :) 
My parents... pretty gorgeous, eh?

I am still in awe of how it all miraculously came together despite everything that seemed to be going awry.  The bride and groom were among the happiest I have ever seen!  The details of the beautiful day were exceptionally noteworthy.  My new sister-in-law is so gifted (she made everything!).

The kids were healthy in time for the wedding!  Praise God!  They did a wonderful job too (it was a crack up witnessing Peyton be the ring bearer).  Olivia has been excited for months to be a flower girl again.

Thank you to all the family and friends who made the trek up to Seattle for their special day!    Congratulations, Daniel and Liza!

I didn't bring my camera, so the pictures are from my mom's camera, but I'll share more if they trickle in.
My mom with 4 of her 7 siblings
 My four handsome brothers
 Prego me, Popum & Peyton
 Popum, Marcus, Uncle Ladd, Nanny
 The very happy couple

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