Sunday, October 24, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog

I recently passed the 100 posts mark and it made me think about (or at least revisit) the whole idea of blogging.  I was hesitant to start a blog as I am leery of screen time.  Most days, it is enough just to keep up on e-mail!  For whatever reason, I made the plunge to try one.

What I like:
1. It makes me sit down
2. I am taking pictures more pictures
3. I am more reflective
4. It is a journal for our family
5. It encourages me to search out different facts to make sure I'm not giving out bad information
6. It provides downtime (we don't have television),but I guess this goes with #1.
7. For whatever reason, it has helped me see the beauty in the mundane/ordinary things of life.
8. It helps me collect my thoughts, however random and silly they may be.

What I dislike:
1. I am not a writer (my English teacher thought it was more important to teach about transcendentalism)
2. Nor a photographer (I am asking for a camera for Christmas, which may help!:)
3. Nor do I possess some amazing talent, so I sometimes wonder what in the world I'm doing with a blog and can get concerned about what people think.
4. The word 'blog' is so dorky!
5. I think I probably like my obscurity/privacy a little too much (whether right or wrong), so it is unusual for me to be sharing so much information.  Too much? 
6. I can see how having a blog could be a substitute for normal face-to-face conversation.  I'll find myself thinking, "oh, I don't need to make the effort as it is on the blog" or people may rely on the blog for keeping up with us, so it is like talking to the blog not to me?  Make sense?
7. Oh, and my husband thinks it is trivial (at least he did, I'd have to ask him again)  OK, he is really teasing me as he sees I am blogging about blogging!  HE, HE... I am laughing too!:)

I could add more to each list.  It is a somewhat ambivalent relationship, but the pros outweigh the cons for now and I'm having fun:). 

What are your thoughts on blogging?  Oh, that word again! :)


  1. if u enjoy it - do it! - i like it b/c it's a creative release - and u get to met new 'bloggy friends' - and it's nice to share ur world with other - AND can win things!!!

    *kiss kiss*

    PS --> love for you to come by and :
    *Enter Camille Beckman Luxury Give-Away Here*

  2. I am with you and am constantly reevaluating. I took a pretty long break and I still don't have even half of my readers back, but I decided I can't let that drive me. It is like a homeschool curriculum. If it isn't working, I can't be a slave to it. But what works, or what works with some tweaking, is great.

    I, for one, love it when my reader says there is a post from you. You are a blessing and you inspire me. xoxo

  3. I know what you mean I go through the same kind of turmoil! But I really love reading your blog, you give so much inspiration and encouragement!


  4. Your blog is wonderful, I think you do just a great job with balance of info and the creativity of it. I think its good to be able to have a moment to sit and reflect, its good for you! I started mine as we have no family in town and were prego, then had a baby and just kept in touch with many though my blog.. kinda fun!

  5. LOVE your blog - don't stop! :)