Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 Product Reviews

I have two very practical products to share with you.  They are not life changing or anything, just 2 things I use daily and appreciate!
The first is a handmade leather planner from Gallery Leather.

You can find them at Marshalls for $9.99!  They are a nice size to slip in your purse or have sitting on your desk. 

I've bought the daily planner since 2006, and I use it for everything from appointments to Christmas lists to notes at church.  It is nice to have everything in one spot!  They are also a quasi diary for me because I jot down pertinent information to our family and so forth. 
pictures via Gallery Leather
What was that CIA movie where the girl's brother made lists of everything in his journals and it helped them solve the case?  I can relate to him, I like lists!:)
my past planners
I also keep these two journals (also from Marshalls).  One is to write down funny things Olivia said (Peyton will have to be included now too) and the other is to make a bulleted list of the main things that happened each year (which I usually take from my planner for that year). 
Am I strange or do you have some type of system like this?:)
I haven't been using this product nearly as long, but I love these cups!  I bought a couple from World Market and they are so nice.  The cups are insulated, leak proof, and transfer really well from home to car.  Why is it more fun to drink from a straw?  They will also be very helpful when the little nut arrives!
I am on the lookout for a nice cup for warm beverages, so please let me know if you have one you love.


  1. Hey Rach:) Thanks for the heads up about the planner. Maybe you could add a pic of the layout of each page? I like a certain layout -- but I love that you have the same one each year. That is much easier to keep them looking organized.

    I will have to get some of those tumblers too. The older boys are always leaving glasses in the car.

    I just saw this travel mug reviewed and thought it sounded great: http://www.brugomug.com/Home.aspx. I read the review originally at Bargain Mom: http://www.bargainmom.net/2010/08/brugo-mug-review-and-giveaway.html

  2. Thank you for the link, Tiff! I posted some pics of the planner from the website. I love the weekly format and use the monthly overview for birthdays, etc.

  3. That's the layout I use:) Thanks.