Thursday, August 26, 2010

Never Fail Dill Pickles

I love these pickles!  I must admit, I am posting the recipe more for me (as a reference), but there could be someone who needs a really good pickle recipe too!:)  OK, with that confession out of the way, here is the recipe!

This recipe is for 2 quart jars, so adjust recipe as necessary if you are using quart jars like I was!

- 2 head dill
- 3 T rock salt
- 1 cup vinegar
- 2 T pickling spice
- 3 cloves garlic (cut fine)
- 1 tsp alum

If you haven't made pickles before, here is a quick overview of how you do it (or at least how my mom and I do!:).  Fill your jars with your cucumbers.  Add the ingredients to each jar.  Fill the rest of the jar with boiling or very hot water.  Process your jars in a canner for 15 minutes (I don't know if everyone processes them, but we do).  Ta-da!

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