Saturday, August 21, 2010

Farm Kids

Little farmer dude
Our entertainment... coming back from an evening ride with Daddy.
The pond
Can you see the pile of seaweed they were collecting on the dock?
Making this...fresh/free goodness!
And a little farm trivia.  Do you know the difference between crimson clover and red clover? 
Here is a picture of the red clover that is almost ready to harvest.  It smells so good! 
And a picture of crimson clover from this post.

And for our final entertainment, we are keeping very busy with the garden!  We harvested beets, green beans, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini this week.
I think corn is so beautiful.  Look how much it has grown since the first picture with Peyton.

Pretty stripped zucchini
I can hardly wait for the tomatoes to be ready.   

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