Friday, August 20, 2010

My Favorite Trail Mix

First, I have to laugh that I am posting another recipe that "really isn't really a recipe".  Ah well!
You will soon know all of my favorite food groups. :)

I love me some trail mix, but I cannot choke down the store bought mixes with plain M&M's, raisins and the smallish nuts (aka peanuts).  I've come up with a mix that I love.  I can't always afford to have it on hand (trail mix is not cheap to make), but I am oh-so-happy when I can. 
I actually received trail mix ingredients from my parents for my birthday last year; do they know me or what?  I am also the girl who got a case of apples for a birthday present one year (love you, Uncle Ladd and Aunt Beth). 

Anyhoo...I freeze the trail mix and make it last as long as possible!

Here are my must-have ingredients (you can find all of them in the bulk section at Winco):
- almonds
- peanut M&M's
- chocolate covered raisins (the ones from Costco are the best)
- chocolate covered almonds
- yogurt covered raisins 
- dried cranberries
- honey roasted nut mix or mixed nuts
- Mt. Hood Mix
*I tossed in dried blueberries this time since we have a ton right now and they were really yummy too!
Add plenty of dried cranberries and almonds to stretch the other ingredients!  Let me know what you think!


  1. Sounds yummy Rach -- what's Mt.Hood mix?

  2. You can find Mt. Hood mix in the bulk section at Winco! It is a pretty sweet mix, but is great when coupled with the other ingredients!

  3. Can you say delish!?? What a good prego snack too!