Saturday, August 7, 2010

We love dirt!

We love dirt and we cannot lie!

It cracks me up how my daughter doesn't balk at dirty feet anymore, and even covers herself in it!  She was outside this week in the fanciest dress she owns (waiting to go to a bridal shower), digging in the dirt!  I had to wipe her down with wet wipes before we left!:)
Living on a farm and having a baby brother has definitely changed her!
The powdery dirt is the best!
Cousin Marcus joined the nuts in the fun this week!  I had to take a picture of him in the front pack with baby Julia below!  I remember my sis carrying Peyton this way when she was pregnant with Evie!  You made it look so easy, Leah!
We love marionberries too, which are equally messy.   
I thought blueberry diapers were bad... yikes!
My Uncle (our neighbor) has a bunch of them, so we've been freezing them, putting them in parfaits, and making marionberry pie!

On a different/sad note, Olivia's doll, Abbey has been missing.  She has gone missing before, but only for a few days at a time. We are still earnestly praying Abbey shows up, but we have a new family member. 
Meet Briar Rose! 

Uncle Nathan surprised Olivia early one morning before work with a baby doll from Target!  He missed her birthday while he was away at camp, so this was a belated birthday present.
What a thoughtful, kind, and sensitive young man he is.

Olivia has not put her down since she was delivered.

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