Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: Week 4

I had to post a picture of my little snow princess/ballerina taking the laundry down after last week's post!  She felt so important helping with this task!:)

Now for a few thoughts...
  1. I don't remember where I first learned this wisdom, and I think I've heard it from more than one person, but always have a book on parenting and/or marriage on your nightstand!  I was so encouraged/convicted this last week reading Femine Appeal each evening!  It is helpful to have outside wisdom and perspective in keeping your focus and priorities right!
  2. I remember a few years ago, I felt like I had to set up times for my oldest to "socialize" with other children.  I was talking to a very wise lady in our church and she referred me to Proverbs 22:15  "Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child..."  She went onto say, "why do you want to get all of that foolishness together?"  I know this is probably a controversial view, but I don't mind being controversial!:)  If we lived really far away from people it would be different, but our kids have lots of interaction with siblings, family, church, etc.  Of course, we love to get together with other kids, but I no longer feel pressured to. 
  3. Lastly, Joe T. once said, "with every child you get a little less selfish"!  What a true statement!  I think we become less self-focused when we get married, and even less when we have our first child, and on it goes!

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