Friday, August 27, 2010

Play Structure!

Olivia girl received a play structure as a birthday present from the whole family. 
Her Uncles, Aunties and Grandparents all pitched in and were very generous! 
Thank you! 
David had planned on making one or buying a kit, but materials were expensive.  Craig's list to the rescue.  We found one for a fraction of the cost!  He power washed, steam cleaned, and stained it.  It looks brand-new and the nuts couldn't not be more pleased.
Daddy bringing it home...
The transformation...
And here it is in all its glory...

He is going to build a top for it, and we still need to get sand for the sandbox, but we are getting so close!
See the new rock driveway for bringing firewood in, etc.  We are finding many uses for the rock!:)

They have been so giddy over it.  Too fun!

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